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What Weaknesses to Avoid in Order to Become a Successful Business Owner?

First, why do most people like the idea of owning a business? Reasons why people admire owning a business is that it is impressive and prestigious. And also business ownership is economically good for society and one’s descendants.

Why is ownership of business good for society is simple, most businesses depend on people to sustain its growth through employment. Business pays taxes to the community and supports the community; also trades with other businesses to help establish a trade balance especially overseas. The benefits of business ownership go on and on.

As an inheritance to one’s offspring is impressive and beneficial. We have to understand that not everyone can own a business. And not every idea will yield a successful business. Some talents work best in employment situations whereby there is collaboration with others toward a productive output. However, if a person owns a business they are likely to pass on the ideas or trade secret to their children. Who may be able to sustain the company and further increase the capacity of the company all together. This type of benefit is lost if a person works for a company. Once you leave the position of the company that is the end, your relationship with the company may not continue.

Now owning a business is not as easy as it looks. In fact, it is extremely challenging especially in the early years. And the challenge can even intensify if one is not financially prepared before starting a business. However, like most successful outcomes one must be skilled, disciplined and focused to achieve a positive result.

Fortunately, most small businesses are able to passed the intense phrase of starting a business. However, as most small businesses begin to earn positive revenue, they stay at that same level and do not find it worthwhile to push farther.

Here are some weaknesses of small business management that fall short in reaching their full potential.

1. Lack of discipline in their efforts and daily routine. For example, a business owner fails to follow-up with client and relies on assumption that client will contact him or her instead.

2. Giving unnecessary excuses to clients in order to procrastinate.

3. Not using or managing time effectively. Such as ineffectively prioritizing important and income related clients with not so pressing tasks.

4. Not taking full advantage of holidays and or events by planning ahead in anticipation of sales. Such as having flyers printed and ready to be distributed for holidays to increase leads or sales.

5. Not buying services in packages. For example, determine what you need to buy from a vendor, put all items together, bargain costs and payment plans.

6. Lack of marketing plan.

7. Ignoring business plan in their operations.

8. Operating without the mission or vision statements of the company.

Now, you know some of the weaknesses that can arise in small business management, working on them should help your business in the long run. Not paying attention to them will keep you in the same order from year to year. As a business owner, you own it to yourself to constantly educate yourself, evaluate your business, seek advice, and implement good ideas to be successful. These are observations not facts.

Does Your Business Need To Hire An IT Consultant?

Whatever your type of business you own, you need to make sure that you’re using the latest technologies and software to provide quality solutions to your clients. Not only does using only the latest technology help you achieve your goals faster, doing so also ensures that you’re ahead of the competition. However, with the fast paced change in technology, keeping up with technological advances can be an uphill battle. Most businesses are not knowledgeable regarding technology so most of them are stuck with whatever their system is, for better or for worse.

For newer businesses, adaptation of technological advances should be embedded into their business plan. Newer businesses should make use of technology unlike older businesses. Businesses nowadays should even have their own IT department to sort out systems for the entire business. Financially speaking, hiring an IT department makes sense, wise even. Working with an IT consulting services company will provide the following benefits.

Assistance to business

Hiring an IT consulting firm is like hiring hundreds of people to do a business analysis on your company. IT consultants have experience in implementing projects for numerous companies and they know the best ways to go about it. Having learned from all their previous dealings with other companies, IT companies are experts in this field.

Your company will surely benefit from the collective experiences of IT companies. Their collective effort, expertise, and experience will make management planning and business transition a lot smoother than normal.

Streamline the process of business

IT companies will streamline your process once they are able to evaluate your entire business process. They will identify the important resources for your company and improve them. They will use proven business templates to ensure that your company will remain successful for years to come.

After an overhaul and careful study of your business model, they will be able to shorten the process quite extensively. Knowing how valuable time is to a company, it will lead to increased profit and efficiency.

Independent point of view

An external consultant will bring an outsider’s perspective to a company. The result will be an objective outlook of a company without any bias. An external company overlooking the process of another company can identify processes that need improvement.

An external IT company will help sort out many problems that exist within a company. New technologies will be implemented making work that much easier.

Utilization of proper tools

IT consultants are familiar with different tools and methods for different kinds of businesses. Depending on their expertise, they may favor using one method over the other. IT professionals will use a tool depending on the need of a company. Their experience will make them capable of giving the best advice out there.

The best IT companies will often partner up with many technology industry leaders giving them access to the best tools available. While many companies are only concerned with short-term solutions, IT companies are more concerned over long-term solutions for your company. After all, your continued success is detrimental to their business so expect something more permanent when you hire an IT consulting firm.

Added savings

Let’s face it, with the way the technology is advancing, a lot of work will become automated within the next decade. We’re already automating some of the most menial jobs out there. This is true for any company, big or small. Hiring an IT consulting company, you are able to identify which processes you can do without. You can also choose to automate some jobs to free some work load of your employees. While it may seem that you will spend more by hiring an IT company, you will actually save more in the long run.

Choosing to hire an IT consulting firm will boost the overall efficiency of any business. Use it in conjunction with a more efficient business planning and you’ll save a lot on unnecessary expenses. Clearly, there are many advantages in working with an IT company, yet not many businesses are willing to hire one. How would you know if you need an IT consultancy service?

The answer is simple.

Every company needs one. Big or small, every business needs someone who is able to work using the latest technology. By enabling a business to utilize technology, it will open up new opportunities in terms of expansion. If a business is able to function without IT architecture, imagine the possibility once the IT processes are implemented. Truly, the advantages of using an IT Consultation Company make it truly worth it.

Busyness: Do Some People Stay Busy To Avoid Themselves?

It is not uncommon for someone to say they are busy, and while this could be how their life is during certain times, it could be a way of life. In this case, it won’t matter what time it is or what day it is, as they will have things to do.

This could be how they have been for most of their life, or it could be a relatively new experience. Through living life in this way, they are not going to have much time to think, and they are likely to experience a lot of stress.


But regardless of what the consequences are, it doesn’t mean that other people will always notice what is taking place. This is partly because they can believe that being busy is a ‘good’ thing, and they could also be just as busy.

They are then experiencing life in the same way and it is not going to stand out. The feedback they get from others could validate their behaviour, and this can cause them to believe that they are doing the ‘right’ thing.

Two Options

One reason why being busy all the time is often seen as a ‘good’ thing, is because hard work is often valued in today’s world. This is not to say that being busy means that someone is working hard, as they could simply be wasting time.

Yet when someone is busy working, they can be seen as living their life in the ‘right’ way. If someone isn’t busy, they can be seen as though they are not doing enough, or that they are lazy.


Therefore, if someone isn’t busy, they can end up feeling guilty, and it will then be normal for them to feel though they are doing something wrong. Staying busy can then be a way for them to avoid how they feel, and while this will lead to approval, they are going to be ignoring their own needs.

Human beings are not machines, and even if they were, they would still need time to rest. While it could be said that we are all here to make a difference in some way, it is still important for us to look after ourselves.


In the short-term, someone might not notice how being busy all the time is affecting their life; but as time passes, it could soon catch up with them. If they were to pay attention to their feelings, they might soon realise what is happening.

However, if one is busy, they might not have time to pay attention to how they feel. The information their feelings provide is then going to be overlooked, and they could then carry on as normal.

Time Goes By

It could then start to have an impact on their physical health, and this may mean that they end up going on some kind of medication. During someone’s early years, they may find that they are able to handle the stress of always being busy.

This is unlikely to be the case as they get older, and they can then find that it is no longer possible for them to live life in the same way. The longer someone lives in this way, the harder it can be for them to step back and to re-evaluate their life.

Stepping Back

If someone was to step back, it will give them the chance to look into why they always need to be busy. At first, there might be resistance, and their mind could find a way to stop them from taking a closer look.

What they could also do is take the time to reflect on when they first started to experience life in this way. In the beginning, they might find that nothing comes to mind, and it will then be important for them to be patient.

A Recent Occurrence

When someone has only just started to experience life differently, it is naturally going to be a lot easier for them to find out why their life has changed. They may find that they changed after a relationship came to an end.

Staying busy will then be a way for them to avoid the pain that they experienced during this time. The pain is still going to be in their body, but through being busy, they can come to believe that is had disappeared.


As a result, they are no longer going to be a whole human being; they are going to be living on the surface of themselves. Their body can then be seen as something they need to control.

This could then mean that their relationships also suffer, and this is because they are going to be out of touch with how they feel. The interactions they have with others could lack depth, and all the time they are unable to get in touch with how they feel, it will be a challenge for them to experience intimacy.

Not Enough

What can also play a part here is if someone feels as though they are not good enough; it will then be a challenge for them to just be. Their need to be busy all the time is then a way for them to feel as though they are enough.

However, no matter what they do or what they achieve, they are unlikely to be able to change what is taking place within them. The only way for them to do this will be for them to face themselves.


As a result of what is taking place within them, it can be normal for them to create a life where they need to be busy all the time. Perhaps they find that they are unable to make ends meet, or that they have certain deadlines to meet.

Through being out of touch with why they are experiencing life in this way, they can justify their behaviour. It is then not that they want to live in this way; it is that they have to live in this way.


If someone is in this position, and they want to experience life differently, it will be important for them to find out why they are running away from themselves. During this time, they might need the assistance of a therapist and/or some kind of support group.