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Self-Employed Business – The Cost Is Less, Yet Returns Are High

Self-Employed Business – the most viable career you can have during this time of crisis.

Since the dawn of unemployment and recession, a high-percentage of the world has experienced drought and crisis. So many have lost their jobs and at the same time the majority are finding it harder to find employment. This is how hard living in this world can be, there are always many challenges to face. All around you, you can see children with nothing to eat and no shelter to live in. Crisis has hit hard and people are finding it hard to recover. How can the world stand up?

Do not wait for an employer to hire you. Do not cry over the recession. Do not dwell on not getting hired. Move on and find better ways to uplift your life and career. Research has shown that a self-employed business is the way to go these days. Since jobs are scarce, do not waste your time in applying for careers instead make your own career.

Below are some of the self-employed businesses you can enter into. These businesses are also considered small scale businesses so it will not be hard for you to start.

· Fitness Business. Being healthy is one of the most important things in this world. 99% of the world today has recognized the need to be fit. All over the world, exercise and a healthy diet has been promoted. This is the reason why a fitness business is very viable. You may think that this is a very expensive business. Yes, it will be if you are going to put up a gym. This is not the fitness business that I am talking about here.

A low-cost fitness business would mean having home-service trainings and exercises. You do not need a ny office space. You work via appointment and schedules. For a start, you can promote your fitness business within your circle of friends or neighborhood. Soon enough, you will have a week full of trainings.

· Diet Food Business. Aside from exercise, the demand for a healthy diet is needed to achieve fitness. You do not have to spend a lot. You can advertise your business online and then do a per order basis set up. You will have to ask your client what type of diet they want so you would know what ingredients to include.

For the most part, clients order diet boxes for lunch and dinner. This business works well when coupled with delivery services.

· Skills Training Business. Each of us are experts of something and we can make use of this skill to earn.

- If you are an expert in dancing then you can make this as a business by providing choreography and training for people who like to join contests. Some studios also hire dance choreographers for dance exercises.

- If you are a music major, then you can also provide voice and instrument lessons to those who are interested. This works via appointment as well. You may operate a home service and so some of your clients might be the one visiting your home for the lesson. Advertise your business online and tell your family and friends about it so they can help you promote your business.

These are only two examples of skills you can make use of to earn for a living. There are still many of them that you can make use of.

A self-employed business is the perfect remedy for today’s crisis. If you cannot find any available career then move on and have your own business. Who needs an employer when you can be self-employed? More so, this is said to give you more income than actually being hired. So what are you waiting for? Start self-employed business now.

5 Reasons Why Some Businesses Fail

Some businesses are successful while others fail – why is it so?

Research has shown that over an 18 month period of businesses that were surveyed, 80% of entrepreneurs did not succeed in their businesses. The worst case was not just failure but bankruptcy. For the most part, a lack of funds has always been the main cause. Is this financial mismanagement or is there another reason for this?

All businesses usually have a good start. Well, of course before they collapse. Some business owners just wake up one day and boom – their business is history. Consider the five reasons why a business may fail:

If you are an entrepreneur who is in a crisis situation or if you are someone who wants to start a business, take note of the following points.

1.) Customer Relationship. This is a crucial part of business. Some entrepreneurs do not value this and tend to ignore it altogether. This relationship does not mean you must be best friends with your customers. Too much closeness with customers might be a reason for abuse, so it is best to take the middle road and at least be reachable. Communicate with them and know their needs. What do they want?

There are many ways to communicate with your customers. When you market your business, you are communicating with them. Understand what they need and what they really want. The reason why the majority of companies hire CSRs or Customer Service Representatives is because they want to stay in touch with their clients. In this way, they will tend to stay with you. They may also help you find other customers through word of mouth because of your good deeds and service. They will always tend to talk to their friends and may even invite them to try your product.

2.) There is no distinction in the market. Your product does not stand alone in the market. Some other entrepreneurs might be selling the same item as you so you must be unique. Being more distinctive will make customers remember your product. Without distinction, your product will not be differentiated and will soon be forgotten.

3.) Clarity and conciseness. People especially the elderly do not need to Read War and Peace. They want brief, concise and clear information. Many entrepreneurs speak a lot about their products but fail in making their customers understand because they do not know how to properly relay their message. When you make a point, you do not have to make it long and wordy – a short, brief, complete and clear explanation is enough.

4.) No leadership skills. In business you must know how to lead and manage your people. Be someone who they can approach with respect. Teach them discipline. This is the most important part in running a business especially if you have staff. They must function with discipline. Without this, your business will suffer. You can also provide them with seminars or trainings.

5.) Marketing Strategy failure. Strategy is very crucial in business. If you do not know how to market your product, it will not be remembered by buyers. There are several strategies that you can use to promote your item.

The best promotion would be by word of mouth so always provide quality products and services. With this, your customers will be the ones to walk the talk.

The services you provide are necessary in your business, sometimes this is the reason why customers need you.

Being in business is not that simple. It is a challenging pursuit but always remember that there will always be ways to succeed. Say goodbye to business failure and use some of the ideas above.

5 Tips for Starting Your Business Consultant Career

Do you consider yourself an expert at any particular field? Do you believe you have unique, valuable knowledge about a subject matter? If so, you most like consider yourself an irreplaceable business consultant in that field. These days, more and more people are joining the forces of business consulting and with the high number of individuals claiming to be “the best” how do you, as a business owner separate the good from the bad? Mauricio Gross, an independent business consultant, explains that it is actually quite simple.

“In my opinion, the biggest difference between a good consultant and a bad consultant is passion. Of course, you must have a great deal of knowledge on the subject matter but passion is where the great will outshine the average.”

With all the technology we have today, pretty much anyone can be a consultant. All you need to do is discover what you are good at and welcome the idea of constantly learning more about the particular subject.

Do you think you have what it takes to be a business consultant? If your answer was yes, here are some tips to becoming a great business consultant:

Certificates and Qualifications: Make sure you have the proper certifications and qualifications to be a consultant in the particular field you chose. Some fields require certain qualifications to legally provide consultation.

Stay Organized: Many consultants work independently which means you must be highly organized. Keep track of all your clients and make sure your day is planned.

Choose a field thriving for business consultants: Some fields need consultants more so than others, therefore, you will have more work. Some businesses seeking consultants include; Accounting, Advertising, Insurance, Marketing and Publishing.

Know your target market: Who will you seek out as clients? Major corporations or local, family owned companies? Make sure you have the correct business plan for the company before you pitch.

Smart Location: Position yourself in a location that is affordable, allows flexibility and where you can get around easily. For example, a city with minor rush-hour traffic and reasonable rent will make things less stressful on the financial side.

Business consulting just might be the next “it” job and you can be a part of the movement. Individuals across the globe are jumping on board and seeking out businesses in need of consultation.

To sums things up, be smart and passionate about what you do. Don’t leave your steady job of copywriting to move to New York jobless in hope of finding multiple consulting gigs that pay you big bucks. Start somewhere smart. Keep your daytime job and consult on the side. Gain experience, loyal clients and a positive reputation. If you love what you do and truly believe you can help a business thrive, you will find success. Do you believe you have what it takes?

Business consulting just might be the nest “it” job and you can be a part of the movement.